CAST Workshop "Elektronische Wahlen"

Am 14. Mai hat in Darmstadt (D) ein Workshop zum Thema "Elektronische Wahlen" stattgefunden. Wichtiges Thema des Workshops war der Entscheid des Bundesverfassungsgerichts vom 3.3.2009, dass die eingesetzten Wahlgeräte verfassungswidrig seien. Mehr...


E-Voting: Wie weit sind wir?

Im Rahmen des traditionellen Seminars der Fachgruppe FAEL des Vereins Swiss Engineering vom 5. November 2008 hielten wir einen Vortrag zum Thema "E-Voting - Wie weit sind wir?".

Working Group "Vote électronique"

A delegation consisting of Prof. Dr. U. Ultes-Nitsche, Prof. Dr. D.-O. Jaquet-Chiffelle and Prof. Dr. E. Dubuis was invited to participate at the 24th meeting of the Swiss working group "Vote électronique" on October 2nd, 2008. We took the oportunity to inform the working group about our motivation and our goals. The slides are here.
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Survey on E-Voting

We have released the survey "Research of E-Voting Technologies". The survey lists first the requirements imposed on e-voting systems. It then discusses the following items: E-voting protocols; some analysis and verification methods for e-voting protocols; and some implementation aspects. At its end, the Swiss situation is discussed.
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eCH Request for Topic Rejected


The committee of experts of the association eCH has rejected our request for topic "Vote électronique". The reasons are:

  • standards do already exist, or are in preparation
  • the topic is a political one
  • the administrative sovereignty of the topic is at the federal chancellery
We regret the refusal of our request. The minutes of the committee of experts can be found here.
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